Bio history.

Annabel Vazquez was born February 12, 1996, to Sofia and Delfino Vazquez in Sanbernardino California. She was born visually impaired, though the cause of that is still unknown. She is the third of five children.

Musical interests.

Annabel’s musical interest developed when she was three and a half. her inspiration to sing came from her oldest sister Bertha, who is also visually impaired. The first song she learned the words to was “Genie In A Bottle” by Christina Aguilera.


Annabel began her education at three months of age in an at home learning program specifically for babies that were born visually impaired. She began speaking at 5 months of age.
For most of her early education, she attended VI (Visually impaired.) learning classes from Pre-school through first grade. From there, she was moved from a VI to a regular ed classroom.

Musical history.

In the fourth grade, Annabel began playing the violin becoming very advanced with in her first few months of lessons. She soon joined an orchestra comprised of children from all the elementary schools in her district.
When she entered middle school, she left her violin playing days behind her and embarked on her singing journey. Annabel always told anyone who asked that what she most looked forward to in choir for the next 6 years was the solos and performing with her fellow choir members. She was quoted by saying,
“Being able to perform in front of an audience is amazing. Knowing that you’re expressing yourself in front of people makes it that much more exciting.”

Award memberships.

At the end of her senior year, Annabel received a four year choir member award along with a certificate for being in the choir.


Annabel now attends Southern New Hampshire University where she is studying creative writing. She will continue to do music renditions. She hopes to someday be able to put some of her own songs out for people to enjoy.